Beast from the East no match for Donghua Chain.

Date: 27/02/2018

The below-freezing temperatures and snow hitting the UK from Siberia are no match for Donghua’s range of heavy duty chain.
The extremely cold weather front, nicknamed the Beast from the East, has arrived in the UK and is already causing havoc in some areas of the country. But companies using Donghua’s high performance chain solutions can rest assured that our chain is specifically designed for these sorts of arduous conditions.
Sea ports, harbours and freight terminals which are being hit hard by the current weather front, use our heavy duty Sky Stacker Lifting Chain which is engineered specifically for damp, corrosive environments and arduous lifting applications. Its high torsional strength, calibrated holes which reduce pin wear and special heat-treated plates for increased load bearing makes it the perfect choice of chain for use in extreme environments with continuous operating conditions.
Our range of Special Coated Chains are impervious to water and offer exceptionally high anti-corrosive properties when faced with salt or water ingress.
Hot-dip lubrication, using thixotropic lubricants, ensures full penetration during chain build and high viscosity during operation to improve wear-life and prevent the ingress of foreign matter. Our Specialist in-house built chain is assembled and lubricated on-site in the Midlands. And to keep things running smoothly when it’s cold, our Donghua branded Chain Lube helps to maintain chain viscosity at low temperatures (-10 degrees Celsius) and at high temperatures (up to 150 degrees Celsius). Available in 500ml aerosol cans.
Don’t be caught out this Winter. To speak to one of the Team about our range of High Performance Chain Solutions, call 01902 866200

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