Donghua's Lubrication Goes Extreme

Date: 14/06/2018

Due to the popularity of our general industrial-grade chain lube, Donghua has introduced a new version of lube spray aimed at more extreme conditions: Extreme Chain Lube.

Whilst our chain already comes pre-treated, the latest addition to Donghua's range of chain accessories aims to improve even further the wear-life of our chain when used in extreme conditions, especially when users replace or top-up the lubrication that is lost during operation.

Our new oil-based Extreme chain lube contains added agents including P.T.F.E. to provide high salt water and corrosion protection which, together with the lubrication's excellent flow properties, ensures high penetration around pins and bearing areas. The anti-fling properties of the lube also reduces the risk of contamination on production lines.

Donghua's new Extreme chain lube is available from all Donghua's UK suppliers

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