Launch of H1 Food Lube

Date: 06/03/2019

Donghua's range of chain lubrication has proved so popular that we've extended the range to include a new H1 Food Grade Lube.

Aimed specifically at the food processing sector, the new chain lube contains H1 grade lubricant which is odourless and tasteless and is ideal for use in food machinery. The anti-fling properties of the lube also reduces the potential risk of contamination on production lines.

Managing Director, Bob Wellsbury, explains: "Whilst our Roller Chain can be pre-treated with H1 food lubrication using our in-house hot dip facilities to reach areas of the chain normal lubrication does not reach, our latest food chain lube aims to improve the wear-life of our chain when users replace or top-up the lubrication that is lost during operation."

Donghua's Food Grade Roller Chain is compatible with all leading manufacturers of food production machinery, and is supplied in a variety of materials and finishes and features a special alloy coating to protect against corrosion during aggressive wash-down procedures.

Donghua's new Food Grade chain lube is available from all Donghua chain suppliers. Find your nearest supplier.

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