Multiple Brands Need Only One Universal Attachment Chain

No matter what brand of chain you use, Donghua’s Universal Attachment Chain has the same critical dimensions which means it will replace 99% of other manufacturer’s chain. It’s traditional for chain manufacturers to design and build attachments that are unique to their own chain, making it difficult to replace with a different make. However, Donghua […]

Download our New Chain Selection Guide

To help UK customers select the correct chain solution from Donghua Limited’s extensive range of Drive Chains, we have developed a simple reference guide – the Donghua Chain Selection Chart.  The chart provides a visual 1-5 star rating highlighting our recommendations for each chain product against:  strength fatigue resistance wear resistance shock load corrosion resistance self-lubrication easy […]

Ready-to-fit Tail Lift Chain Kit Launched

A complete Tail Lift Chain Kit containing replacement Leaf Chain or Roller Chain, end fittings, fasteners and lubrication is now available from Donghua.  Donghua Limited is the UK arm of the Hangzhou Donghua Chain Group which is one of the world’s largest chain manufacturers. Our new Tail-Lift Chain Kit aims to help UK based customers […]