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Date: 27/07/2016

The marketing of Roller chain products in the UK from Donghua Limited is about to change with the creation of two new brands for its popular roller chain range:
Donghua Standard
Donghua Standard Plus
The move follows an in-depth review which helped firmly establish the positioning of Donghua’s products within the UK market-place and is aimed at helping Distributors and OEMs differentiate more easily between Donghua’s roller chain products and communicate their benefits to customers.
Bob Wellsbury, managing director, of Donghua Limited explains: “Our standard roller chain products are extremely popular and we have developed a strong customer base of Distributors and OEMs in the UK over the last seven years. To help our customers market these products more effectively, we have decided to group them within ‘Standard’ and ‘Standard Plus’ brands.”
“All of our roller chain products, whether Standard or Standard Plus, are made to the highest standards irrespective of which of the new brands customers choose. There are, however, some application advantages versus pricing benefits associated with each which we felt could be made clearer.”
He added: “We have also introduced new pricing structures for the new brands which are both highly competitive and extremely attractive to our customers. Like-for-like, we guarantee that no other supplier in the UK can beat us on price for standard roller chain.”
Donghua Limited’s Standard Roller chain products incorporate a split bush and solid roller, whereas Donghua’s Standard Plus Roller chain uses a solid bush and solid roller which improves wear life and reduces elongation. Other variants are also available such as Chromised pin chains. Both Standard and Standard Plus chains are available in ANSI and BS. Further additions to the Roller chain range is planned for 2017.
For more information visit www.donghua.co.uk/roller-chain, email sales@donghua.co.uk or call 01902 866 200

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