Chain Supplier Introduces Barcoded Inventory

Date: 27/01/2020


Donghua Limited are the first company in the Hangzhou Donghua Chain Group to introduce a bar code system across their warehouse for every single stock item. The new system has already helped improve efficiency and save time. 
Daniel Wellsbury, warehouse manager at Donghua Limited said: “Barcode technology has grown over recent years and as a company we are keen to keep up with new developments. We have introduced the bar code system across our 25,000 ft2 warehouse to help us better manage stock in the UK and to check product details during despatch. The whole process is now quicker providing a seamless and instant flow of information to our ERP system.“
Barcoding systems are a quick and accurate way of managing inventory through automation. By introducing barcode scanners, Donghua will reduce their use of paper, minimise opportunities for human error and with tens of thousands of lines of stock, will provide more accurate control of their stock inventory. 
With bar codes already on their product packaging, customers can also scan the bar code now printed on the despatch note and automatically feed data into their own warehouse management systems. 

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