Chromized Pin Increases Life of Roller Chain

Date: 12/06/2019

Donghua is introducing another new chain to the UK – Chromized Pin (CP) Chain.  CP Chain, which offers increased wear life of five times that of standard Roller Chain, will be available ex-stock from Donghua.
Bob Wellsbury, managing director of Donghua Limited, explains: “CP Chain is a Roller Chain that is designed with a Chromized pin as well as a solid bush.  Adding a chrome surface coating to the pins results in super-hard pins which extends the wear life of the chain by up to five times that of standard Roller chain. With a 1100 Vi surface hardness, CP Chain is ideal for high wear applications where there is dusty and dirty conditions and the chain needs to work hard.
Pins used in Donghua Roller chain are made to exact specifications to deliver high strength whilst the bushes are designed to achieve high wear resistance. 
Bob added: “The Donghua Chain Group produce an extensive range of chain which it distributes world-wide and, since 2009, I have been extending the product range that is available direct in the UK. Our move to larger premises in 2017 increased the warehouse space to 25,000 square feet enabling us to carry more stock, add further unique products to our UK portfolio as well as extend our technical workshop facilities for Universal Attachment Chain and Bespoke Chain and develop our Testing Laboratory facilities.” 
Products recently added to the UK stockholding include Pintle Chain, Polymer Chain and pilot bore & taper bore Sprockets and new Chain accessories include H1 Food Lubrication and Hot Wax lubrication. 
The new CP Chain is available in O8B to 16B, ANSI 40 to ANSI 80, simplex and duplex.
For more information email or call 01902 866 200 or find your nearest stockist on our interactive map. 

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