Donghua Goes Green-er

Date: 07/10/2019

Donghua going green-er

A fleet of ‘green’ cars have been introduced at Donghua to help cut down on the company’s environmental footprint.

The Hangzhou Donghua Chain Group has been certified to ISO14001 for 20 years and, as part of continual environmental performance management, encourage all companies in the group to look at ways to help further reduce their impact on the environment.

Having researched the technology and reviewed the infrastructure, Donghua Limited felt able to support the use of greener cars for their UK sales team, thereby reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.  Donghua is not only looking after the environment, but there are cost savings to be made as the cost of recharging the car battery as well as overall car maintenance is less than people think.

To help reduce air pollution, staff are encouraged to travel less and those based further afield work from home. Visits to the Donghua Group Chinese manufacturing headquarters have reduced significantly over recent years after a web-conferencing system with a 50” screen was installed in the UK office, enabling management meetings and technical discussions across the Donghua Chain Group to be held virtually.

In addition, when Donghua moved into larger UK headquarters in 2016, smart location-based LED lighting was installed in the warehouse & workshop supplying light only when triggered by sensors and solar panels installed on the roof of the building. This has significantly helped to reduce energy use and associated costs.

The move, which increased their warehouse capacity three-fold, also meant the frequency of shipments of chain could be reduced as more stock could be stored in the UK.

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