Hot Wax Extends Chain Life by Five Times

Date: 10/05/2019

Donghua Limited, who provide a unique hot-dipped chain lubrication facility in their Midlands workshop, has launched a new hot wax lubrication service.
The hot wax lubrication is applied to in-house built standard or chromised pin chain, increasing the wear life of the chain by up to five times, providing lube for life! 
The high viscosity of the hot wax penetrates into all areas of the chain leaving a quasi-dry (dry to the touch) finish on the surface of the chain and is perfect for chain used in conditions with dust and grit. 
Bob Wellsbury, managing director, said: “Wax is the next in a series of hot lubricants we are introducing to our UK workshop. As with our popular standard and H1 food grade hot-dipped lubrications, heated wax lubrication provides optimum protection against contamination and reduces corrosion and premature chain wear. What’s more, in many cases, hot wax lubrication can last the entire lifetime of the chain.
To find out more about Donghua’s new hot wax lubrication, call the Team on 01902 866200. Click here for more information about Donghua's UK Workshop

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