Coated Chain

Coated chain
Coated chain

Donghua’s Coated Chain is specifically designed for use in harsh environments where salt or water ingress demands superior corrosion protection. Our chain boasts a specially formulated Zinc Flake Coating, ensuring resilience against the toughest conditions.

Designed with precision, our Coated Chain features chemically treated nickel plated pins, with an impressive hardness of up to 1,000 HV (Vickers hardness). What’s more, it incorporates a corrosion-resistant lubricant capable of withstanding extremes of temperature ranging from -15 degrees to +80 degrees Celsius.

With a focus on durability and performance, our Coated Chain offers enhanced wear resistance, prolonging service life even in the harshest of conditions. Whether facing abrasive elements or challenging climates, our chain stands the test of time.

Donghua’s Coated Chain meets the stringent standards set by DIN:8177 and DIN:8188; ensuring reliability and compliance. It is available with a variety of attachments, further enhancing its versatility and utility in diverse applications.

Experience the difference with Donghua’s Coated Chain – your solution for uncompromising performance in demanding environments.