Mining & Quarrying Industry

Chains in machinery used in the Mining & Quarrying industry need to be able to perform in dusty, arduous conditions. That’s why Donghua Chains are popular with UK based mining and quarrying companies.

Chain supplied to the Mining & Quarrying Industry is available in a variety of materials and finishes:

Corrosion resistance – to protect against corrosion caused by aggressive conditions.

Heavy Duty – designed for harsh and uncompromising applications.

High Strength/High Shock – specifically designed for use in the Mining & Quarrying industry. 

Coated Chain – special alloy coating to provide high performance in arduous applications.

Specific chain for the Mining & Quarrying industry includes:

HSP Chain: Our Heavy Super Power (HSP) Chain is designed for harsh and aggressive applications making it ideal for use in the Mining & Quarrying industry and is a popular chain in the UK. It is incredibly robust with an ultimate tensile strength up to 50 per cent higher than DIN standard chains!

Roller Chain: Our Roller Chain is manufactured with precision to suit simple drives with large diameter sprockets or complex drives with multiple sprockets and high load bearings. Ideal for machinery used in the mining & quarrying industry.

Chromized Pin Chain: Chromized Pin (CP) Chain offers increased wear life five times that of standard Roller Chain. It is designed with a chromized pin and a split bush. Adding a chrome surface coating results in super-hard pins which extend the wear life of the chain.

Coated Chain: Zinc-aluminium compound coatings provide protection against corrosion.

X3 Chain: a high performance Roller Chain that lasts three times longer than similar competitor chain.

All Donghua products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities with precision tooling, delivering tolerances to within 0.5DIN accuracy. Our UK headquarters boasts a 25,000 square foot warehouse, a technical workshop and a testing laboratory.

Donghua has a growing network of Approved Product Partners, Stockists and Distributors across the UK and Ireland. To find your nearest supplier of Donghua Chain visit our interactive Locate a Supplier Map.

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