Stainless Steel Chain

Stainless Steel Chain

Donghua offers a comprehensive selection of Stainless Steel Chain products, including Roller chains and Conveyor chains tailored for diverse applications.

Designed for maximum wear-life, Donghua’s Stainless Steel Chain boasts exceptional corrosion resistance, making it an ideal choice for industries involving food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals. Its versatility extends to use in both high and low temperature conditions.

Our Stainless Steel Chain range is available in ANSI and BS series, featuring options in short and double pitch, with and without attachments, ensuring suitability for various operational requirements.

Drytec Chain

Designed to minimise maintenance costs and downtime, our maintenance-free stainless steel chain is engineered for reliability.

Featuring engineering plastic sleeves, with enhanced mechanical and thermal properties compared to standard plastic, our Drytec chain offers exceptional wear resistance and ease of maintenance.

With a wide range of attachments available, our Drytec chain is versatile and adaptable to various applications.

Ideal for use in food processing and healthcare facilities, as well as wash down or wet environments where corrosion protection is crucial and chain lubrication is challenging or undesired.


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