Conveyor Chain

Conveyor Chain

With more demand for chains with higher breaking loads, Donghua’s high performance Conveyor Chain has been developed with hardened plates improving ultimate tensile strength by up to 90 per cent! 

Available in imperial and metric pitch sizes, our Conveyor Chain offers flexibility to suit various applications. Whether you require weld-on or integral standard bespoke attachments, we have the solution to meet your specific needs.

Widely used across a spectrum of industries and applications, Donghua’s Conveyor Chain sets the standard for reliability and performance. Trust in our expertise to keep your operations running smoothly and efficiently.

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Conveyor Chain Product Range

Gripper Chain

Precision-engineered with OEM quality springs, our Gripper Chain is tailored for conveying plastic sheet and film in vacuum chamber machines. Specifically designed for industries spanning food, health and industrial goods, this chain ensures optimal performance and reliability.

Our Gripper Chain seamlessly integrates with leading suppliers of integrated packaging solutions used across the UK.

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Polymer Chain

Donghua’s Polymer chain is designed to specifically prevent the ingress of foreign matter, significantly reducing maintenance costs and downtime. This innovative solution is tailored to meet the stringent requirements of the Food & Drink and Healthcare sectors, ensuring utmost hygiene and operational efficiency.

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Pintle Chain & Attachments

At Donghua we maintain a ready stock of popular sizes of Pintle chain and Attachments, allowing us to directly supply the UK market. Our Pintle Chain features an open barrel design that effectively reduces material build up, mitigating the risks of blockages, corrosion and potential seizure. This design facilitates cleaning of the tooth root, ensuring smooth operation by removing any lodged material during use.

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Timber Chain

Donghua’s Timber chain, commonly known as saw tooth or sharp top chain, is readily available for next day delivery across the UK mainland.

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Spike Chain

Our Spike Chain is pre-tensioned with specially sharpened and hardened spike attachments. This innovative design is tailored for the transportation of thermoformed plastics, commonly used in packaging applications. Offering exceptional wear resistance and requiring minimal maintenance, our Spike Chain is a high performance conveyor solution. Designed with a range of spike attachments it ensures versatile and efficient operation across diverse applications.

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