Packaging Industry

The Packaging sector is experiencing a boost following an increase in demand for packaged goods. Companies operating in the industry require chain that is durable, reliable and has a long wear-life to help minimise maintenance downtime.

Chain supplied to the Packaging Industry is available in a variety materials and finishes:

Preloading of Chain – to help reduce fatigue and extend the wear life of chain, Donghua’s Attachment Chain comes pre-loaded as standard. Chain with little or no pre-load applied will suffer significant elongation during initial use and will need to be changed sooner which means increased down-time. 

Matching of Chain – we match our Attachment Chain to within very close tolerances to ensure the attachment links engage with the sprockets together thereby eliminating undue stress which is a major cause of fatigue failures on attachments.

Reduced Maintenance – where chain maintenance is difficult or needs to be minimised, our Self-Lubricating chain is the ideal solution.

Specific chain for the Packaging Industry includes:

Roller Chain: Donghua’s precision Roller Chain is popular in the UK and is available in 25ft and 10ft lengths as well as standard 5 metre boxes. It suits simple drives with large diameter sprockets or complex drives with multiple sprockets and high load bearings.

Universal Attachment Chain: Donghua’s Universal Attachment Chain can replace 99 per cent of other manufacturers’ chain providing a ‘one chain fits all’ solution. It is built in the UK and is pre-loaded, matched & tagged as standard.

Conveyor Chain: Our high performance Conveyor Chain is used across a spectrum of industries including the packaging sector and is known for its high fatigue and long wear-life.

Stainless Steel Chain: Provides maximum wear-life due to its corrosion resistance.

Self-Lubricating Chain: our self-lubricating (SLR) chain is ideal where chain lubrication is difficult or undesirable.

Gripper Chain: specifically designed with OEM quality springs for conveying plastic sheet and film in vacuum chamber machines.

Spike Chain: special Roller Chain with film / foil spike attachments.

All Donghua products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities with precision tooling, delivering tolerances to within 0.5DIN accuracy. Our UK headquarters boasts a 25,000 square foot warehouse, a technical workshop and a testing laboratory.

Donghua has a growing network of Approved Product Partners, Stockists and Distributors across the UK and Ireland. To find your nearest supplier of Donghua Chain visit our interactive Locate a Supplier Map.

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