Galle Leaf Chain

Donghua's Galle Leaf Chain

Donghua’s heavy duty Galle Leaf Chai is also known as Sluice Gate Chain. It is available in 15mm-120mm large pitch with 25mm–40mm, ex-stock. 

Used by water utility and water treatment companies for hoisting applications in very wet conditions, such as sluice gates, our Galle chain is extremely durable and anti-corrosive withstanding water resistance and prolonging wear-life. Breaking load testing, hardness testing, material spectrum analysis and measuring equipment are all utilised to ensure high fatigue resistance, wear resistance and breaking load.

Made in the UK and available ex-stock, Donghua’s Galle Leaf Chain contains a solid pin with loose plates at either side, and can be matched in pairs to ensure even raising of lock gates. The chain can be supplied coated, on request.

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