Heavy Duty Drill Compensator Chain

Donghua’s heavy duty oil-field roller chain is available in 2.75” (70mm) pitch.

Used within offshore oil rigs where high-loads and abrasive conditions are standard, these large, special-built Drilling chains are extremely durable and have an exceptionally long wear life.

A unique feature of Donghua’s Drilling chain is the hot-dipped lubrication each chain undergoes during assembly. Using thixotropic lubricant to ensure full penetration around the plates and pins during build and high viscosity during operation, combined with a special coating, our Drilling chain has exceptionally high anti-corrosive properties which are required when mechanisms are exposed to extreme environments and can only be lubricated infrequently during routine maintenance schedules.

The technical design of our Drilling chain focuses on improved ultimate tensile strengths by ensuring all components of the chain maximise its wear-life, have a high fatigue resistance and breaking loads that exceed minimum standards.

Produced in the UK by Donghua in a purpose-built workshop using 100 tonne presses, precision riveting machines and the application of unique hot-dipped lubrication – our drilling chain quality is unparalleled with high performance guaranteed.

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