Heavy Duty Lifting Chain

Heavy Duty Lifting Chain

Donghua’s Heavy Duty Lifting Leaf Chain is designed for use with ‘Sky Stacker’ container handlers and is available in 1¼” to 2.5” pitch sizes.

Sky Stacker leaf chains are probably the most enduring and high-load bearing hoisting chains imaginable. Heavy shock loads, high accelerations and de-accelerations, extreme environments and continuous operating conditions are the key issues faced by these formidable chains in their day-to-day applications.

Donghua’s Sky Stacker leaf chains are independently tested on different Sky Stacker truck brands. Our chain has proven to be the best in class: best wear resistance, best fatigue and best average breaking loads. With new material alloys, new material treatments and with new hardening equipment, a unique quality/price ratio has been achieved.

Engineered specifically for damp, corrosive environments and arduous lifting applications, Donghua’s Lifting chain benefits from high torsional strength – the ultimate strength when subjected to torsional loading/stress before rupture. With press-fit inner and outer plates for high axial and radial torsion, calibrated holes which reduce pin wear, special heat-treated plates to increase load bearing and special lubricants to prevent corrosion, Donghua Lifting chain is the chain of choice for ports, harbours, freight terminals and other container handling environments.

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