X3 Chain

Launched in the UK in 2022 is the Premium range X3 Chain which offers a deluxe solution to problems with chain wear, chain fatigue, high speed, shock load, lubrication, chain length accuracy and chain strength. Designed with a unique pin coating, optimised plate geometry and high precision stamping, it is ideal for use in arduous applications and offers end-users a first-class chain solution.

Donghua X3 Benefits

Our X3 Chain is exceptional and delivers three times performance for wear resistance, fatigue resistance and high speed performance for comparable Roller Chain. This exceptional performance is a testament to Donghua’s commitment to product development.

Manufactured on a purpose built, automatic production line, X3 Chain is specifically designed for use in sectors that operate high demand drives such as Timber, Waste & Recycling and Mining & Quarrying.

Donghua Roller Chain is supplied pre-loaded and pre-lubricated, as standard. Available in British Standard and American Standard (ANSI 40-120) 06B to 24B, in simplex, duplex and triplex, ex-stock from our West Midlands warehouse.


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