Donghua has produced a range of Accessories to complement our portfolio of high quality chain products. 80% of chain wear is due to poor lubrication and, whilst Donghua chain comes pre-treated to improve wear-life, we are keen to develop a range of ancillary products which enhance the performance of our chain even further.

Chain Lube Spray
Donghua Limited has launched a new Chain Lube Spray designed for regular use or in between routine maintenance schedules to help extend the wear life of chain. Donghua's Chain Lube Spray leaves a fine clear film of PTFE, eliminating the need for cleaning of chains prior to safety inspections.
Our Chain Lube Spray, available in 500ml aerosol cans, is particularly relevant where high performance and reliability of chain are key factors in minimising any down-time. Our Chain Lube Spray offers:
Donghua's Chain Lube Spray is only available via our network of Approved Stockists. To locate your nearest Stockist click here.

See product packaging for further product information.

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