Cutting-Edge Chain Solutions for the Food Industry

From farm to fork, the quest for efficiency, safety and sustainability drives new technologies and methodologies in the food sector. The Hangzhou Donghua Chain Group is a leading manufacturer of high quality chain solutions. Through its ongoing commitment to R&D, the company has developed a range of cutting-edge chain solutions for the Food processing industry.

Like many sectors, the Food Processing industry demands chain that offers the maximum working life with the minimal maintenance downtime. Any downtime, but especially unplanned maintenance, adversely impacts productivity.

Donghua Limited is the UK subsidiary of the Hangzhou Donghua Chain Group and we stock an extensive portfolio of Conveyor chain, Roller chain and Attachment chain in our 25,000 sq ft warehouse in the West Midlands. Our range of chain is supplied in a variety of materials and finishes including:

Special Coatings

Supplied in a variety of materials and finishes, Donghua’s food industry chain includes special alloy coatings to protect against corrosion caused by aggressive wash down procedures.


H1 Food Grade lubrication is applied to the chain (subject to application requirements) in our UK workshop. By hot-dipping lubricant, it reaches parts of the chain that normal lubrication does not reach.


Attachment chain is preloaded as standard to help reduce fatigue and extend the wear life of in-house built chain. Chain with little or no pre-load will suffer significant elongation during initial use and will need to be changed sooner.


Attachment chain is matched to within very close tolerances to ensure the attachment links engage with the sprockets simultaneously, thereby eliminating undue stress which is a major cause of fatigue failures on attachments.

Innovative food production chain includes:

Polymer Conveyor chain – designed to prevent the ingress of foreign matter and reduce maintenance costs and downtime. Manufactured using food grade engineering plastic, the lightweight Polymer chain is lube-free.

Universal Attachment chain – a ‘one chain fits all’ solution which replaces 99 per cent of other manufacturer’s chain. Built in the UK specifically for the distribution market.

Drytec chain – built to specific customer requirements and manufactured to the highest standards with bespoke attachments.

Donghua chain is compatible with the leading food equipment manufacturers, and has quickly become the chain of choice for companies in the food processing industry. Produced to very narrow tolerances, chain from the same production batches are on average within 1/3 DIN standards.

Our Food Chain is supplied through a growing network of Product Partners, Stockists and Distributors. To find out more about our Food Chain, visit our Food Processing industry web page.