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Since we established Donghua in the UK in 2009, we have developed our workshop facilities at our Midlands distribution centre to specifically deliver bespoke in-house built attachment chain. This investment means Donghua is now one of only a few chain manufacturers to boast such technical capabilities directly in the UK.

Made in the UK:
All Attachment & Special Chains are manufactured in the UK. For further details, click here to read our full press release, call us on 01902 866 200 or email sales@donghua.co.uk 

Under the management of Dan Wellsbury, our Workshop boasts:

Chain Length Measuring Machine
In 2013 we added a new chain length measuring machine making Donghua one of only a few manufacturers to have this equipment in the UK. Designed and built by Donghua, the machine is exceptionally accurate measuring to within 10 microns per metre (a human hair is 80-100 microns) and is capable of measuring up to five metres of chain.

To watch a video of the machine in use click here
Pre-Loading of Chain
Donghua can also pre-load (pre-stretch) chain eliminating the initial elongation often found in built 'in-house' attachment chain. This means Donghua's attachment chain is ready and easy to fit from the box and with the best possible service life.

To watch a video of the machine in use click here
Matching of Chain
In industries where precise positioning of more than two chains used in parallel is required, the chains need to be matched within a close tolerance of each other. With Donghua's new sophisticated measuring equipment (accurate to 10 microns per metre), we can match chains from 3/8" to 2" pitch in both British and American standards up to a length of five metres. For longer lengths the chains can be supplied matched and tagged in a way that they can be fitted in sequence to maintain the high length accuracy along the entire required length.

Due to advanced and precision production methods, Donghua chain is produced to very narrow tolerances and chain from the same production batches are, on average, within 1/3rd DIN standards. Using our new length measuring machine, Donghua's consistent and close production tolerances can be further improved and chains supplied matched in sets of +-0.5mm (5 metres). All matched chain can be accompanied by certificates of authenticity on request.
Cutting Large Pitch Chain
Donghua owns two 100 tonne presses which are used to cut large pitch chains and rotary chains enabling us to fulfil growing cusotmer demand for chain in specific cut lengths. One press is used to cut special length roller chain and the other is used to cut special length leaf chain.
Pneumatic Press Riveter
Used for riveting attachment or bespoke chain to the desired configuration.

Maintaining uniform and consistent assemby and riveting results, helping to increase the fatigue life of chain.
Hydraulic Cutting Presses
Our two 17 tonne hydraulic presses are used to cut to order bespoke special attachment chain in British and American standards.
Hot Dip Lubrication Bath
Donghua is proud to be the only chain manufacturer in the UK to have its own hot dip lubrication bath. Once produced, the attachment chain is dipped in a metal vat containing hot lubrication which penetrates into the bearing areas that standard lube spraying would not reach. As the chain cools, the surplus lube drains away leaving an oil deposit inside the chain providing ultimate lubrication properties - this initial lubrication is the most important a chain receives and helps significantly extend wear-life. The chain is then pre-loaded, measured and matched as necessary. Click here to download more information about our Lubrication.
Tub Grinder
Used for accurate surface grinding.
Fork Lift Trucks
Two new counterbalance fork lift trucks are used in the extended warehouse and workshop.
Storage & Retrieval System
Two state-of-the-art vertical Kardex storage shuttle units have been installed. The shuttle units, which are over six metres high, provide a unique storage and retrieval system for small chain parts used within in-house chain assembly. The units contain multiple horizontal shelves that are retrieved when the operator selects the components to fulful a customer order.

To watch a video of the machines in use click here

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