The Next Generation of Roller Chain

Launched in 2022, Donghua’s X3 chain is a cutting-edge advancement in roller chain. X3 is not just a solution, it’s a deluxe answer to the challenges of chain wear, fatigue, corrosion, high speed, lubrication, length accuracy and strength, faced by industries. At the heart of the design of X3 lies the Hangzhou Donghua Chain Group’s […]

Last Order Date for Pre-Easter Delivery

The last order date for guaranteed delivery before Easter is Wednesday 27 March 2024. This ensures our customers can receive their orders promptly before the upcoming holiday period. Donghua Ltd is committed to providing exceptional service and support to our valued customers. By establishing a clear cut-off date for orders, we can streamline logistics and […]

Cutting-Edge Chain Solutions for the Food Industry

From farm to fork, the quest for efficiency, safety and sustainability drives new technologies and methodologies in the food sector. The Hangzhou Donghua Chain Group is a leading manufacturer of high quality chain solutions. Through its ongoing commitment to R&D, the company has developed a range of cutting-edge chain solutions for the Food processing industry. […]