A Chain That Removes Lodged Materials Whilst In Use

In 2018, Donghua was one of the first chain manufacturers in the UK to supply a range of Pintle Chain and attachments direct to the UK market.

The move proved popular with Donghua becoming one of the leading suppliers of Pintle Chain in the UK.

Due to its strength and wear resistance, Pintle Conveyor Chain is used in a range of applications and is commonly used in the Agriculture sector.

Steel Pintle Chain is typically made with a single casting barrel and link.  The open barrel of Donghua’s Pintle chain helps to minimise material build-up which causes blockages, corrosion and potential seizure, as it cleans the tooth root and removes any lodged material during use.  

Heat-treatment during manufacture optimises wear-life making this chain highly durable and perfect for conditions where material is in constant contact with the chain, such as in agricultural and timber sectors.

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