Exploring Donghua’s Cutting Edge Laboratory

Bob Wellsbury, managing director of Donghua Limited, was instrumental in developing a technical chain workshop bringing chain assembly back to the Midlands. This facility was originally established at our old site and was further expanded when we moved to larger premises in 2017. Bob also wanted an in-house laboratory dedicated to testing components, and larger premises provided the much needed space to make this a reality.

The laboratory, located in part of the 25,000 sq ft warehouse in Wolverhampton, serves as a reminder of the Group’s commitment to research and development. At Group headquarters they employ more than 400 scientific and technical personnel to develop and apply new technologies, new processes, and new materials for our range of high quality chain products. Their work has resulted in 222 authorised patents [as at 2019), and cooperation with industry, academia and research provides a platform for corporate technological innovation.

Component Measuring Machine

The UK laboratory houses a range of machinery and technology including advanced testing equipment. A Component Measuring Machine (CMM) uses a fine optical probe, combining both a powerful microscope and camera functionality, to not only accurately measure any component, but also analyse material grain structure and identify faults. The CMM self-calibrates ensuring it’s always set up correctly and measures to 2 microns, providing crucial conformance tests.

We also test for concentricity, bore size and parallelism of high precision parts. Tolerance data from approved drawings is inserted into the computer programme which then automatically measures the component, constantly checking and comparing the data against the original drawing.

With our in-house resources, Donghua is well placed to undertake Inspection Reports for any make of chain or sprocket and report on failure or non-conformance, in order to satisfy stringent health and safety legislation and avoid costly reworking.

To discuss your component testing requirements, call the team on 01902 866200 or email sales@donghua.co.uk