Identifying Chain Made Easy

Donghua’s unique mobile App which helps users identify replacement chain is celebrating five years since it was launched in 2017.

Over the years the App has been modified following user feedback adding new chain forms and features to make it easier and quicker to use. Taking only minutes to complete, it saves end-users a significant amount of time identifying the right chain.

The brainchild of Bob Wellsbury, managing director of Donghua Limited, the Chain ID App is a tool that provides the Donghua team with key information so the right replacement chain can be identified quickly and customers notified. It’s found to be a useful tool when end-users are on site and need to know what chain to order.

The App, which is a mobile version of our popular website tool, includes forms for Drive Chain Calculations, Agriculture Chain, Conveyor Chain, Leaf Chain and Standard Roller Chain. What makes the App different from the website version is that users can easily upload a photo of the existing chain and their contact details can be saved to save entering them on every use.

Try the Chain ID App today by downloading it for free from Apple or Google app stores.

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