Keep your Donghua Chain in the best condition

When you buy the best chain on the market from Donghua, you want to keep it in the best condition.

To help minimise the wear life of chain, we have developed a range of Chain Lubrication Sprays which can be used where high performance and reliability of chain are key factors to help minimise any downtime.

Our Chain Lube is available in three versions:

Extreme Grade: with added agents including PTFE to provide high salt water and corrosion protection and ideal for extreme conditions.

Food Grade: containing H1 grade lubricant which is odourless and tasteless making it ideal for chain used in food processing machinery.

Industrial Grade: designed for regular use or in between routine maintenance.

Donghua’s chain lube is designed to prevent corrosion, weathering and improve the performance and reliability of your chain.

Our chain lube has excellent flow properties for ultimate penetration around pins and bearing areas. The anti-fling additive and PTFE help to minimise contamination when used on chain on production lines. It is water and steam repellent and can also be used on moving chain!

Our range of chain lube is available from Approved Donghua Stockists who are located across the UK and Eire.

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