Maintenance-Free Stainless Steel Chain

Donghua Limited, the UK arm of one of the world’s largest chain manufacturers, announces a range of maintenance-free stainless steel Drytec Chain is now available in the UK.

Designed to reduce maintenance costs and downtime, Donghua’s Drytec Chain is designed with engineering plastic sleeves which has improved mechanical and thermal properties over standard plastic.

The chain outperforms Donghua’s standard stainless steel, standard plus and poly-steel chain for operating time, and is rated ‘Best’ or ‘Very Good’ for self-lubricating, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and use in damp/wet environments.

Drytec Chain is ideal for use in food processing, healthcare and in wash down or wet environments where corrosion protection is paramount and chain lubrication is difficult or undesirable. It can also operate in temperatures of -40oC to +60oC.

The chain is available in 08B-1 to 16B-1, 08B-2 to 16B-2 and ANSI 50-1 direct from our West Midlands warehouse and distribution centre.

For more information about Donghua’s Drytec Chain email: or call 01902 866 200.

Tel: 01902 866200