Multiple Brands Need Only One Universal Attachment Chain

No matter what brand of chain you use, Donghua’s Universal Attachment Chain has the same critical dimensions which means it will replace 99% of other manufacturer’s chain.

It’s traditional for chain manufacturers to design and build attachments that are unique to their own chain, making it difficult to replace with a different make. However, Donghua have designed a range of Attachment Chain that does just that.

The Universal Attachment Chain is designed specifically for the UK distribution market who supply end-users with chain from a range of manufacturers. Our Universal Attachment Chain range provides a unique ‘one chain fits all’ solution meaning distributors and end-users are no longer tied into using the same brand for replacement chain.

Attachment Chains are expected to perform in extraordinary and demanding applications. That’s why it’s important to measure, pre-load and match Attachment Chain to give the chain the best possible service life.

Measuring Chain

Located within our Wolverhampton distribution centre is our technical workshop where we assemble our Universal Attachment Chain. Our specialist workshop includes a Chain Length Measuring Machine which measures chain to within 10 microns per metre – that’s thinner than a human hair which is approximately 70 microns – and is capable of measuring up to five metres of chain at a time.

Both ends of the chain are attached to a housing and secured with pins. Chain pitch figures are inputted into the machine’s console and the chain is then accurately measured.

Watch our video showing our Measuring Machine at work.

Pre-loading Chain

Chain with little or no pre-load will have an increased initial elongation before it levels off. To reduce the initial elongation which can often be found in ‘in-house’ built chain, our automated Pre-Loading Machine pre-stretches our Attachment Chain to reduce the initial elongation and provide the best possible service and fatigue life. The correct pre-loading of chain is essential for additional service life of chain.
Each end of the chain is fixed to the pre-load machine and held in place with pins, the chain is covered to protect the user during operation, the required chain size and pre-load duration is selected on the machine’s console and the machine then pre-stretches the chain. 

Watch our video which shows how the pre-loading of chain is carried out.

Matching Chain

To ensure that two or more chains that are used in parallel are precisely positioned, we utilise our Matching Machine. This machine matches chain to within a close tolerance for correct tensioning to ensure the attachment links engage with the sprockets together and eliminating undue stress which causes fatigue failure of the attachments. We can match chains from 3/8” to 2” pitch up to five metres in length. Longer lengths can also be matched and tagged so they are fitted in sequence to ensure accuracy across the entire length of the chain.

By ensuring Donghua’s Attachment Chain is measured, pre-loaded and matched, it’s ready to fit from the box, saving end-user’s valuable time. And with a 72 hour turnaround to quote and deliver ready to fit, Donghua is the chain brand of choice for Attachment Chain.

UK Stocks of Attachment Chain

With a 25,000 sq ft warehouse which stocks common builds of Attachment Chain and loose attachments, plus a network of UK Product Partners and Stockists who also carry their own stock of Universal Attachment Chain, there’s plenty of supply to go around. Our Universal Attachment Chain is available in standard, nickel plated, zintek coated, self-lubricating and stainless steel finishes.

Thanks to Donghua, you now have more choice about the chain manufacturer you choose for your replacement Attachment Chain.

If you’d like to find out more or stock our Universal Attachment Chain, visit our webpage or call our team on 01902 866200.

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