Test Certificates Supplied As Standard

Test Certificates and Declarations of Conformity are supplied as standard for all Donghua Chain supplied in the UK.

Bob Wellsbury, managing director of Donghua Limited, explains: “We have previously highlighted the CE Marking of our Leaf Chain products and the supply of supporting Test Certificates, which is a requirement for any replacement forklift truck chains. However, many people are not aware that Test Certificates are available across our whole range of chain products.”

Product Test Certificates provide key information about the safety of the chain including minimum breaking standard, safe working load etc. These manufacturing certificates confirm that the chain has passed certain tests.

Certificates of Conformity is a third party declaration that the product produced by the manufacturer conforms to European Union regulations, directives and standards. The Chain is also stamped with CE Marking.

Donghua Chain is also marked with a batch number providing full traceability to the raw materials used.

If you have any queries regarding certification of Donghua chain products, please call us on 01902 866200.

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