Unlock Farming Efficiency with Donghua Chains

Efficient material handling is at the heart of every thriving agricultural operation. From planting to harvesting to processing and packaging, the movement of goods and produce needs to be seamless. Modern-day farms are sophisticated hubs of productivity and the need for cutting-edge technology and efficient processes is critical. That’s where Donghua chain comes in – our agricultural chain provides a vital link in material handling.

The Hangzhou Donghua Chain Group boasts a rich history of producing high quality, innovative chains in its state-of-the-art facilities. Our agricultural chain is designed to meet the diverse and demanding needs of modern farming, making Donghua a trusted partner for farmers across the UK.

Key advantages of Donghua’s agricultural chain:

  1. Unparalleled durability – built to withstand the harshest of conditions, ensuring continuous operation even in the most challenging environments.
  2. Precision engineering – engineered with precision, resulting in minimal wear and tear providing their end-users with reduced downtime and maintenance and allowing farmers to focus on what they do best.
  3. Enhanced efficiency – designed to optimise efficiency, reduce labour costs and increase overall productivity.
  4. Versatility – a range of options from roller chains to conveyor chains, ensuring there’s a solution for every material handling requirement.
  5. Unique features – designed with super-high breaking loads, heat treated and pre-tensioned with chrome pins, and high interference between pins and plates

Our UK headquarters in the West Midlands includes a 25,000 sq ft warehouse, technical workshop and testing laboratory. With Approved Product Partners, Approved Stockists and Distributors across the UK and Ireland, we are well placed to support farmers when they need replacement Agriculture Chain. Donghua produces chain for all the major farm machinery manufacturers.

Our chain range includes:

Heavy Super Power (HSP) Chainpopular in the UK as it’s incredibly robust with ultimate tensile strength up to 50 per cent higher than DIN standard chains. Its wide waist plates give extreme fatigue strength and high interference between pins and plates. Ideal for use on Balers.

Mark V Agriculture Chain – a range of zinc coated chain providing added durability. It is anti-corrosive, waterproof and longer lasting than standard agricultural chain. Built in our UK workshop.

Pintle Chain & Attachments – designed with an open barrel which minimises pin surface contact with the chain gearing face, it cleans the tooth root and removes any lodged material during use minimising material build-up which causes blockage, corrosion and potential seizure. Heat-treatment of parts during manufacture, including hardened steel pins, optimises wear-life making our Pintle Chain highly durable.

Donghua also offer a complete replacement chain kit for each make and model of Combine Harvesters used in the UK. We can identify the correct chain from the make and model or the OEM part number.

When you need to unlock the efficiency of your farm machinery, choose the only manufacturer with a full range and large stock of Agricultural Chain ex-stock in the UK. For more information, call 01902 866200.