Year of the Rabbit

As colleagues in our parent company celebrate the Year of the Rabbit, we’ve been reflecting on what it means for us in the UK operation.

According to Chinese tradition, each zodiac year bears characteristics of its namesake. For the rabbit these characteristics are calm and contemplation – and after the recent tumultuous years in the UK with Brexit, the pandemic and changing prime ministers, we certainly hope that life in 2023 becomes a lot more settled.

Other characteristics of the rabbit is they are clever and attract success meaning 2023 is a good year for job opportunities and forming partnerships.

At Donghua we have built our UK business on firm foundations, developing strong partnerships with some of the UK’s leading, reputable companies who promote Donghua Chain as their first line chain brand. In return, they receive advantageous credit and pricing arrangements and priority attention in our workshop for cut and special build chains.

Not selling direct to the after-market is what makes us unique as a chain manufacturer, and creating a UK-wide supplier network which consists of Product Partners, Stockists and Distributors, is one of our biggest strengths.

If you are interested in joining the Donghua family and would like to find out more about the benefits and our range of chain, please contact or call us on 01902 866200.

San Nin Fai Lok – Happy Chinese New Year!

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