Identifying Chain Made Easy

Donghua’s unique mobile App which helps users identify replacement chain is celebrating five years since it was launched in 2017. Over the years the App has been modified following user feedback adding new chain forms and features to make it easier and quicker to use. Taking only minutes to complete, it saves end-users a significant […]

A Chain That Removes Lodged Materials Whilst In Use

In 2018, Donghua was one of the first chain manufacturers in the UK to supply a range of Pintle Chain and attachments direct to the UK market. The move proved popular with Donghua becoming one of the leading suppliers of Pintle Chain in the UK. Due to its strength and wear resistance, Pintle Conveyor Chain […]

Supporting our Farmers during the Harvest

Farmers are busy all year round, but the autumn is a particularly busy time as they harvest their crops for food and animal feed. The success of the harvest often depends on the weather, but they are also heavily dependent on their machinery being well maintained to cope with the amount of processing being undertaken. […]